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Truth seekers conversation Part Deux

Two souls GuppyDas and GhantaRam,  seeking eternal truth. A short conversation Part Deux.

GhantaRam : ET should come up with this kind of theme.

GuppyDas : Interesting for writers actually. Not bloggers but serious writers like stories or novels etc.

GhantaRam : hmm or like irregular bloggers like me 😛

GuppyDas : For you coffedesk is best. 😉

GhantaRam : thats not good I feel. BOLD is good but I need some kind of push

GuppyDas : How many pushes you want? Life can take only certain amounts of pushes. You have a wife a kid a job a life … and me. What more push you need. Ya will break dude. Take it easy. Boredom is not healthy.
Nor is over busy.

GhantaRam : well.. I am not able to connect the dots

GuppyDas : First of all be clear what are the dots. Stay on them. Stop running around chasing things that you think are dots. Next all will simple. Once you know what the dots are, connecting them is not a problem. So first finalise and confirm what constitutes as dots in your life.

GhantaRam : That’s question, what the dots are?

GuppyDas : Thats for you to find out. Unlike me you can’t have a dotless life.

GhantaRam : May be I am missing to see the dots and imagining what I see is a dot

GuppyDas : That can take the discussion in a different direction. Are you ‘missing’ it or are you choosing ‘not to see’ ?

GhantaRam :  choosing ‘not to see’ is pretending

GuppyDas : Ok got the name the theme is called ‘Simplism’ … rhymes with Bloggism 😉 … chalo ji 36 gun mil gaye shaadi pakki.

GhantaRam : and missing is already pretended as ‘not seen’ hahahaha

GuppyDas : It is not pretending we are talking about. It is chosing not to see. Pretending is done by fools. Acting, believing, assuming and being sure about something that is not. Where as the intelligent make choices.

GhantaRam : Choices are always there, but fools pretend by not making choices in life

GuppyDas : Nope. You are getting it little differently. Fools don’t know they have choices. Hence they pretend. Since they don’t know there are choices, they are qualified as fools.

GhantaRam : So the difference is knowing but what is this Knowing but not acting?



GuppyDas : Did you ever burn yourself drinking or touching a hot cup of tea (or something)?

GhantaRam : by mistake, few times

GuppyDas : If you did, you know what it is to get burned … now next time you have hot cup of something, you also have knowledge on what to do. Here you have choices. Either burn yourself again or be patient and take your time to tackle it. If you ignore the knowledge or even knowing that it is hot cup, you don’t exercise the act of choosing, and then you are not pretending, you simply being foolish. Knowledge alone does not make you intelligent. It is the choices you make, based upon knowledge that differs one from being intelligent or fool.

GuppyDas : However in the same example if you repeat the event more often, you are being careless/reckless/impatient and of course foolish depending on applicable situation. Tiffin time. I will be back around 1.30. Talk to you later.

Who Let the Blog Out!!

We are sorry that we are late in this, but BLOGGISM™ salute Govind Tiwari ji Allahabad wale (Govind Tiwari of Allahabad) for providing us such a unique blogging Experience.

Next time I would be in Uttam Pradesh of this Purushottam, I would go to Allahabad and dip three times in Triveni and then go to his home to touch his feet and get blessed. He has taken BLOGGISTS™ to a new height.

Potential is the soil of Allahabad, after giving leader like Nehru, celebrity like Amitabh, Sportsman like Mohd. Kaif, poet like Bachan and Mafia like Atiq Ahmed, it again surprised us in form of its latest and greatest son Govind Tiwari.

When our Social scientist Mr. Guppydas saw his blog, he was like $%#$%…. “Holly craps he looks like the male artists who do female roles in typical Nautanki…. BHAAAANDDDDDDDD”

Its his charishma that he had to create atleast 11 blogs on to know the world how much great Blogger he is.

He proves that you don’t need to write a single word in your blog to be famous, what you need is just few snaps clicked in some studio with some different background, then have a PC/Laptop along with a pirated version of Photoshop and an internet connection. And you can become Internet sensation something sort of Mark Zuckerberg.

Adding to his greatness photobucket where he hosted his creative images exceeded bandwidth due to hits on his blogs. Now Photobucket are planning to have a dedicated server for him and working on some sort of algorithm which will categorise the images and those will match with Govind Tiwari Category will be hosted on dedicated server.

We tried to contact Govind Tiwari, but he was busy with some photographs editing on his computer but he left a signed message for aspiring BLOGGISTS on a print of his photograph where Obama is watching him on TV, “Yes, We Can”.

“Prembhushan ji ko shat shat naman……………………………………………..”  😀

Yes You Can

Yes You Can!

A day to celebrate?

I had promised a friend of mine to write an article to share his pain which he felt on first of April, not all alone but with most of the World. I am not able to describe it in here. Words and literature start betraying me when ever I am trying to write something. However when I saw a latest comment on this site, I collected some courage and few words to put it down.

When I am met my friend, Mr “A”, on first April’s evening, he was down, looking far into horizon had some tears in his eyes. I called him, right from his front, but he was so deep in his thought that his ears refuse to listen and eyes to see. I had to shake him to bring him back on this planet. My friend was very sad. After persuading a lot, he opened his mind, heart and mouth.

He said “You know what’s date and day today.”
“1st of April”, I replied.
“Aaaah, 1st of April, all Fool’s day.” My friend became more gloomy, “April sweet is in, Feast of fools begins…..”
I stopped him and asked, “What happened dear, did someone make fool of you. Come on leave it.. today is the day for……….”
My dear friend screamed, “Who can make me foooooooooooooooool…”. I thought, “Yes, you are already!”
“But, I am sad because every donkey, money, dog and even these fools have a day to celebrate, but we assholes don’t have any day dedicated to us.”, he cried and said a quote in German – “Arschlöcher der Welt, vereinigt euch. Sie haben nichts zu verlieren, aber eure Ärsche!”

I was speechless. He was right in his sense, there was no day for people like him.

I tried to console him by saying, “Okkk… but you can celebrate it on 1st May, 4th July, 14-15 August” He said all these days are already occupied with something.
“Interesting” I thought to myself. However not many realise that these days are celebrated by Assholes. How so ever they are not meant to be. Then again, look at any day as such that is celebrated. Don’t you get the feeling that they too get celebrated by Assholes and the person(s) who are meant to celebrate? When that be the case, I wonder why Mr A would want a special day? Them Assholes celebrate 365 days a year.

Where is the true spirit of celebration gone? Can someone help me find it? Should it not be honouring/respecting the occasion, the cause the event? Why it all has become a play of Assholes? Tragic isn’t it? Think about it.

Humiliated by World cup defeat Srilanka and Pakistan declare war against India

Straight after the defeat of his team to India in ICC World Cup final match Sri Lanka president Mahenda RajPakshe has declared war against India. Just after the match finished he left for Colombo and he was looking furious, more than he was looking last time when he decided to eliminate LTTE name out of the General Knowledge books. At Colombo Airport when he touched the ground he kissed the Lankan land like he has done many times back as symbolic gesture of his victory and declared war.

“These Bilateral and trilateral issues would not be solved on cricket ground and in a match any more. If India wants a war we will give it to her and it will be fought in her heartland”, he commented.

He said India has humiliated this island nation in many ways yesterday. Just after the toss which happened two times he said it was clear indication that Sri Lanka had won the toss and the match and Trophy could be handed over at the same time to Sangakara Sri Lankan captain. He went to say that It was conspiracy of India to invite Presidents and Prime Ministers of neighboring countries and humiliate them and he will not let it go. He ordered Sinhalese navy to attack at India from Madras and other Tamilnadu coastal ports. He went on length on record to describe how Tamils had humiliated in past as well when a Chola king with strange tiger flag planted LTTE there to invade their society.

His excellency said he accepted and went to Mumbai because he was thinking that a Tamil R Ashwin will play in the match and his team could get some inspiration to defeat a Tamil but instead of keeping Ashwin in place of injured Nehra Indians played dirty politics and kept Shreeshantha in the playing eleven which was clear indication that India wanted to humiliate Sinhalese as ShreeSanth commonly known as Appam is capable to piss off anyone on the field and he did the same and Zaheer bowled his first three overs for maiden, only Sri Lanka team could play well in last overs when they got confidence that Appam won’t bowl again but it was too late. Even in Batting after Sachin’s dismissal Gambhir told our team to keep in limits else we will promote Appam in order.  When reminded that Murlidharan the highest wicket taking bowler in his team was itself a Tamil, “He is ‘GOOD’ Tamil, like Pakistan have ‘GOOD’ Talibans”, Rajpakshe told.

On Appam episode he said “India has not only used this tactics against Sri Lanka but also against Bangla Desh”. when asked whether he has discussed Bangla Desh about it, he said “It won’t matter, they have Indian agents in Government.” But he has talked to Geelani and Kiyani dudes on hotline and both have similar thoughts that India has humiliated their great nation by calling PM and President to watch match in Mohali in front of Sardars and they had chosen not one but two Muslim players against Pakistani team. It was a plot by BCCI, RAW and MOSSAD against an Islamic nation and to keep the duty of a true Muslim brotherhood Pakistan lost the match. And It was not only one humiliation but that they deployed Missile near to Mohali to show their military strength.

Pakistan’s well known Security Analyst Zaid Hamid states “yeah, we knew this that this napak nation will do such things, but as I said earlier this time we are well prepared and we will hoist Pakistani flag on red fort and AIR will broadcast Radio Pakisatan from Delhi and Radio Ceylon from Madhras, Insha Allah. We are in contact with Shudar people and Naxals of India which are waiting for right moment to come.” more on Semi final match he said that, “Look that Tandolkar guy was out but even third umpire was given money, he overruled the decision.” When asked about poor fielding of Pakistan and wayward performance by Umar Gul and batting collapse, he said something which could not be understood and this line – “Yeh sab Hinduon aur zionists ki conspiracy hai, humare mulq aur quom ke khilaaf. Humare ladko per kaafi zulm huwe woha, hum eeska badla lenge”. He declared Shahid Afridi as Non Muslim as he said he was sorry to the nation and not to the all Muslims of the world.

when contacted Veena malik claimed Pakistan Government and its army itself is involved in this conspiracy and she did not do anything and said “its good that RAW did not allow Gilani and Zardari to enjoy a perfect Orgasm as well.”

SriLankan president even said that his Indian counterpart Mrs Pratibha Patil asked him whether he cooked something in kitchen of Bhandarnayake to become President and was talking about 10 Janpath, Sonia madam and Rahul baba all the time. “What a crap, it was”.  She even asked about what fighter aircrafts  Sri Lankan air force is having and wished to fly in some. It was enough to piss off this messenger of PEACE. But deciding moment came when he heard that Idli, Sambhar and paper dosa was in dinner menu list.

“Come on guys, you know how much tamilian these dishes Idli Sambhar whatever are.” Mahindra Rajpakshe said.

Meanwhile Rehman Malik told that President Zardari was to visit India and watch match with his whole family and Body Guards, but when he came to know about the airfare and ticket price, he said “Give me 10% of it, better I stay here.”

Pakistan and Srilanka have given a tentative deadline to India to return the ICC World Cup Trophy and approached China to help them. In a joint statement they said “India should return the Trophy immediately and we will decide with a three chance toss that who will keep it.”

There’s an emergency meeting of politburo of Communist party in china going on and it is believed that CPM general seceratory Prakash Karat has been summoned there. But China as they are known, did not say anything clear about recent development, but if believed from internal sources the common thinking was to move People Liberation Army inside Pakistan as strategic movement. Someone in Politburo meeting said that its necessary given the record of Pakistan against India whether in war or in war of World cup cricket, so that if something goes wrong which is highly expected they can take it over.

India is seeking advice from USA, which is not in any mood right now to play any role in this troubled South Asian region as they are busy with NATO to play “Command and Conquer” Real time against Pro Gaddafi forces in Libya. But Obama indicated that United States can provide Military equipments to these nations any time. Russia has started manufacturing of Mig 21 engines. Indian defense ministry is busy with finalising the defense deals with First come first serve basis.

In an unexpected move Nepal has said that they will support India.

Endangered Species

In a recent leak, Wikileaks its exposed in a cable sent from US envoy in UN that few so called humanitarians demanded UN to declare North America as sanctuary for like minded people today which is very auspicious day for USA.

Goose birds from North America have supported it.  Gooses got a serious threat of existence when people started killing them when get frustrated saying “Talk to me, goose!” after watching Topgun.

Dogs from India have sympathy with Goose on this issue and have said they would like to see similar things to be happen in India as well. Notably dogs in India are living in fear that someday Dharmendra or sunny or anyone from Dharemedra’s family may really drink their blood after Dharam’s famous Dialogue “Kutte, kamine main tera khoon pi jaaunga” – “You bastard dog, I will drink your blood.”

Back on the report, the cable clearly states that they have support from Russia, Iran, China ( they have not said anything about Pakistan but it’s obvious) and the one and only person who knows and understands Libya. India has not decided to support or not.

USA’s close allies USA jr, its sidekick Britain, old time bunny France and their cook Italy have joined together and said they will block any such move by UN. They have decided to organise Doom Or Unreal Tournament kind of game in Libeya along with Flight simulator tourney as well.

Additionally a Wikileaks states from an undisclosed source that Afghanistan would welcome any move if United Nations propose any Zoo or theme Park for humans there or anywhere on the earth. Till this report written a highly complex survey disclosed that only 1411 are left in India, some 300 in China, 20 in Russia and no idea about America.

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