I do not support Dr. Zakir Naik… Surprised?

Few months ago I joined a community on Facebook , titled, “We Hate Zakir Naik”. What followed next was not less than a furor, comments after comments justifying why I should unjoin the community and how Zakir Naik is this Ultimate man. For a moment I felt that I wrote something against Prophet Mohhamed (PBUH)..Heaven’s forbid.

I understood that people who love him could not see a hateful gesture against him, but I still cannot understand who were they to question my knowledge of religion and my freedom to criticize a human being?
I was told that as I am not a muslim I have no right to make comment about him… seriously … is that so? Only the people who follow Islam have a right to discuss it, and the others have to face ‘tohmat’ for doing so?

Anyways coming back to the topic that why I hate him. If you notice any of the lectures of Zakir Naik you will find a typical scenario, where he is speaking or debating in the presence of a sizable crowd which includes non-muslims. He give stunning answers which leaves the people spell bound, people are seen nodding their heads in agreement and applauding him for giving a ‘shut your mouth’ reply to the questioner. Not ones or twice but I have heard him often, and I always do whenever I get a chance, whether it’s on QTV or Youtube. But in vain I find nothing but the same things. He has become nothing but a messiah of answering repetitive technical questions on polygamy, eating pork, purdah, and a few more. With his phenomenal memory he quotes the verses of Quran and other Hadees and give striking reply to the people… they might find them wondrous but I feel like crying out loud… and say O MY GOD please stop… simply stop it… Islam is to explore… Islam is to learn … Islam is to grow… and Islam is not a history chapter which you mugged from the fear of a teacher.

I simply pity when he is called a scholar, his logics are nothing but hilarious… one of his really hysterical one is about inter religious marriage. The logic to he gives to justify that inter religious marriages should not take place is that of putting a cycle’s tire in a car’s tire… will it move? It will not, similarly spouses with different religion cannot work out things… *yawn* it would have been much better if he would have simply said that Quran forbids it rather than making a fool of himself by uttering this crap.
You cannot compare life to science, you cannot put a cycles tire in a car this is a fact, but a muslim marrying a hindu is not a physics experiment which will certainly have the same result.
Again science reminds me of his claim that Quran has scientific proofs… which modern day scientist have proved.. Quran is a scientific document… I was literally bowled over…
Religion and Science? Really? A sacred document which beautifies the love and command of God needs to be compared with science and also needs modern days scientist to prove it so that people can believe it.
Religion doesn’t need scientific proves, it’s a philosophy which needs your faith. The scientific claims which he feels Quran proves are not new to mankind… really… Indian and other civilization’s astronomy has various evidences which proved that earth is round, why solar eclipse occurs, how children are born, etc. Galileo didn’t read Quran , he proved it on his own skills. I can claim in Hinduism thousand things are said which are scientifically proven… but that is not a part of Hindu religious or spiritual philosophy.

Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik

What I always understood of Islam was its essence of love, peace and good for humanity, which preachers like these have riddled and confused with petty issues of Burqa, television, marriages, western society, and what not. For them religion is technical, robotic rather than philosophical and dynamic. They are treating it like a list of Do’s and Don’t rather than understanding and developing. They consider it Do or Die rather than Live and Let Live.

I keep silent when people call him a scholar but inside I feel, when I consider Rumi, Khayyam, Nizammudin Auliya and others as scholars how can I fit him in the same category? You might think he is doing well for Islam but think again, he is spoon feeding you all what he has read and learned… Islam has to rise above these speakers and debaters, and their minor issues to make it progressive.
Think and act yourself… Prophet Mohammed PBUH asked you to do that yourself and not asked you to be on a mercy of Dr. Zakir Naik to tell you.


Truth seekers conversation Part Deux

Two souls GuppyDas and GhantaRam,  seeking eternal truth. A short conversation Part Deux.

GhantaRam : ET should come up with this kind of theme.

GuppyDas : Interesting for writers actually. Not bloggers but serious writers like stories or novels etc.

GhantaRam : hmm or like irregular bloggers like me 😛

GuppyDas : For you coffedesk is best. 😉

GhantaRam : thats not good I feel. BOLD is good but I need some kind of push

GuppyDas : How many pushes you want? Life can take only certain amounts of pushes. You have a wife a kid a job a life … and me. What more push you need. Ya will break dude. Take it easy. Boredom is not healthy.
Nor is over busy.

GhantaRam : well.. I am not able to connect the dots

GuppyDas : First of all be clear what are the dots. Stay on them. Stop running around chasing things that you think are dots. Next all will simple. Once you know what the dots are, connecting them is not a problem. So first finalise and confirm what constitutes as dots in your life.

GhantaRam : That’s question, what the dots are?

GuppyDas : Thats for you to find out. Unlike me you can’t have a dotless life.

GhantaRam : May be I am missing to see the dots and imagining what I see is a dot

GuppyDas : That can take the discussion in a different direction. Are you ‘missing’ it or are you choosing ‘not to see’ ?

GhantaRam :  choosing ‘not to see’ is pretending

GuppyDas : Ok got the name the theme is called ‘Simplism’ … rhymes with Bloggism 😉 … chalo ji 36 gun mil gaye shaadi pakki.

GhantaRam : and missing is already pretended as ‘not seen’ hahahaha

GuppyDas : It is not pretending we are talking about. It is chosing not to see. Pretending is done by fools. Acting, believing, assuming and being sure about something that is not. Where as the intelligent make choices.

GhantaRam : Choices are always there, but fools pretend by not making choices in life

GuppyDas : Nope. You are getting it little differently. Fools don’t know they have choices. Hence they pretend. Since they don’t know there are choices, they are qualified as fools.

GhantaRam : So the difference is knowing but what is this Knowing but not acting?



GuppyDas : Did you ever burn yourself drinking or touching a hot cup of tea (or something)?

GhantaRam : by mistake, few times

GuppyDas : If you did, you know what it is to get burned … now next time you have hot cup of something, you also have knowledge on what to do. Here you have choices. Either burn yourself again or be patient and take your time to tackle it. If you ignore the knowledge or even knowing that it is hot cup, you don’t exercise the act of choosing, and then you are not pretending, you simply being foolish. Knowledge alone does not make you intelligent. It is the choices you make, based upon knowledge that differs one from being intelligent or fool.

GuppyDas : However in the same example if you repeat the event more often, you are being careless/reckless/impatient and of course foolish depending on applicable situation. Tiffin time. I will be back around 1.30. Talk to you later.

Occupy Wall Street

Is it for real? Is it happening? Will it make the difference? Will it all change? I guess USA can use some help from Anna Hazare of India, in fighting corruption. I think Anna will be happy to guide and lead the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. He is good at it. He is good at mobilising masses.

Honestly, I have my reservation. Unless the US of A, and particularly it’s people, take some time to reflect upon their own thinking, I doubt it will make any difference.

I feel for those who are suffering. I truly feel for them. People are suffering, every where. People in Asia, in Africa, In South America and also the working class people in so called advanced countries of North America and Europe.

There is so much misery all around. Yet, one nation, occupies the air waves, consume the time and attention of the rest of the world for what?

People in US, have lost their homes, lost their jobs, lost their money. So? They are not the only ones who are facing this reality. Millions of people in rest of the world don’t have food to eat. Forget out losing anything. It is a miracle that they are alive, in the first place.

When I hear the news, cries and watch the heart wrenching video posted on YouTube, about suffering of the people in US, honestly, I laugh. The only feeling I get out of it is that of a spoiled brat winging about not getting his way. Remember the French queen Marie Antoinette, the one who said ‘Let them Eat Cake’. I get that feeling when I see the Americans complaining of hardship. They are complaining that they are not getting their cake. However they are not starving like millions of Africans or Latin Americans or poor Indians.

They are unable to live their lives of wasteful over consumption and that hurts them. Their way of life, ‘American Way of Life’, the one of being most inconsiderate and obstinate, insensitive, heart less, Capitalism is hurting them now. So does that warrant for all this melodrama?

There are so many things so wrong with that country. It has given so much importance to ‘Rights’ and very conveniently forgotten the words ‘Obligation’. If there is one nation in the world, do be stereo typed as a ‘over demanding’ and ‘obnoxious’ then it is USA, closely competing with Israel.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a far left wing Communist radical or some sort of Socialist activist. Neither I am a radical Jihadi, who finds flaws with US, in everything that they do. I am a simple man of simple views. I say, what I feel.

Recently, I had the opportunity to view a films and documentaries. Most of them, interestingly, were trying to present the dark, sad reality of matters as they are happening in USA. Some startling facts that came out of that, make me wonder, is an average American so dumb and naive that he/she can’t see this? I mean I can see it from thousands of miles away, based on free observation. How come people living inside of US miss it?

Highlights of strange things that makes me wonder, if US of A is indeed a great nation as they seem to believe:

  • Average spent on criminals/correction facility US$ 33,000 /year. (3 meals a day, free medical, constant super vision)
  • Elderly Care was cut back to US $ 8,000 / year and that to with fewer people can qualify now. (Extra for meals and medical no supervision)
  • Average cost to give quality education to children under 14 US $ 7000 / year and no one seems to afford it. (Government seems to be happy to pay US $ 33,000 / year for a long period of time for these kids when they grow up to be uneducated/unemployed and now turned violent criminals)
  • Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers are well protected. Resulting in a gross apathy towards providing genuine service. In simple words, these people can get away with any slackness.
The list is extensive and very sad. However, I hope you get the gist of it. The point is, US of A has, in my view, reached a saturation point. They have overdone everything. On every front, on every count. They have such a clever mass media mechanism to brain wash and fool the world. However, not any more. The truth will surface, soon enough and this ‘great’ nation will have to pay for its mistakes. It is law of Karma. What goes around comes around.
One country that has used Nuclear Weapon, One country that has highest record of attacking other countries, one country that has highest per capita waste/over consumption …. USA. Country of the most fat people, in the world.
I can only pray and hope that there is a resolution to this. Soon. Peace to all.




Welcome Hindi Faking News

Faking News an Indian news satire website has launched a new Website in Hindi.

A heartily congrats  to Faking News Team and best wishes for their new baby.

A heart warming and times absolutely hilarious take on the current affairs. Especially this Hindi version has all the spices and ingredients to have a variety of flavors in it’s humor. Every language has it’s subtlety. India with it’s myriad complexity of communities, languages and finer nuances of languages is definitely a country that can offer infinite amount of humor. Especially with our motley crew of politicians and bureaucrats.

Not exaggerating but believe me you would be missing tonnes of laughter if you can’t read Hindi.

If you can read Hindi Please do visit Hindi Faking News.

Hindi Faking News

Faking News is now in Hindi also

Who Let the Blog Out!!

We are sorry that we are late in this, but BLOGGISM™ salute Govind Tiwari ji Allahabad wale (Govind Tiwari of Allahabad) for providing us such a unique blogging Experience.

Next time I would be in Uttam Pradesh of this Purushottam, I would go to Allahabad and dip three times in Triveni and then go to his home to touch his feet and get blessed. He has taken BLOGGISTS™ to a new height.

Potential is the soil of Allahabad, after giving leader like Nehru, celebrity like Amitabh, Sportsman like Mohd. Kaif, poet like Bachan and Mafia like Atiq Ahmed, it again surprised us in form of its latest and greatest son Govind Tiwari.

When our Social scientist Mr. Guppydas saw his blog, he was like $%#$%…. “Holly craps he looks like the male artists who do female roles in typical Nautanki…. BHAAAANDDDDDDDD”

Its his charishma that he had to create atleast 11 blogs on to know the world how much great Blogger he is.

He proves that you don’t need to write a single word in your blog to be famous, what you need is just few snaps clicked in some studio with some different background, then have a PC/Laptop along with a pirated version of Photoshop and an internet connection. And you can become Internet sensation something sort of Mark Zuckerberg.

Adding to his greatness photobucket where he hosted his creative images exceeded bandwidth due to hits on his blogs. Now Photobucket are planning to have a dedicated server for him and working on some sort of algorithm which will categorise the images and those will match with Govind Tiwari Category will be hosted on dedicated server.

We tried to contact Govind Tiwari, but he was busy with some photographs editing on his computer but he left a signed message for aspiring BLOGGISTS on a print of his photograph where Obama is watching him on TV, “Yes, We Can”.

“Prembhushan ji ko shat shat naman……………………………………………..”  😀

Yes You Can

Yes You Can!

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