Occupy Wall Street

Is it for real? Is it happening? Will it make the difference? Will it all change? I guess USA can use some help from Anna Hazare of India, in fighting corruption. I think Anna will be happy to guide and lead the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. He is good at it. He is good at mobilising masses.

Honestly, I have my reservation. Unless the US of A, and particularly it’s people, take some time to reflect upon their own thinking, I doubt it will make any difference.

I feel for those who are suffering. I truly feel for them. People are suffering, every where. People in Asia, in Africa, In South America and also the working class people in so called advanced countries of North America and Europe.

There is so much misery all around. Yet, one nation, occupies the air waves, consume the time and attention of the rest of the world for what?

People in US, have lost their homes, lost their jobs, lost their money. So? They are not the only ones who are facing this reality. Millions of people in rest of the world don’t have food to eat. Forget out losing anything. It is a miracle that they are alive, in the first place.

When I hear the news, cries and watch the heart wrenching video posted on YouTube, about suffering of the people in US, honestly, I laugh. The only feeling I get out of it is that of a spoiled brat winging about not getting his way. Remember the French queen Marie Antoinette, the one who said ‘Let them Eat Cake’. I get that feeling when I see the Americans complaining of hardship. They are complaining that they are not getting their cake. However they are not starving like millions of Africans or Latin Americans or poor Indians.

They are unable to live their lives of wasteful over consumption and that hurts them. Their way of life, ‘American Way of Life’, the one of being most inconsiderate and obstinate, insensitive, heart less, Capitalism is hurting them now. So does that warrant for all this melodrama?

There are so many things so wrong with that country. It has given so much importance to ‘Rights’ and very conveniently forgotten the words ‘Obligation’. If there is one nation in the world, do be stereo typed as a ‘over demanding’ and ‘obnoxious’ then it is USA, closely competing with Israel.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a far left wing Communist radical or some sort of Socialist activist. Neither I am a radical Jihadi, who finds flaws with US, in everything that they do. I am a simple man of simple views. I say, what I feel.

Recently, I had the opportunity to view a films and documentaries. Most of them, interestingly, were trying to present the dark, sad reality of matters as they are happening in USA. Some startling facts that came out of that, make me wonder, is an average American so dumb and naive that he/she can’t see this? I mean I can see it from thousands of miles away, based on free observation. How come people living inside of US miss it?

Highlights of strange things that makes me wonder, if US of A is indeed a great nation as they seem to believe:

  • Average spent on criminals/correction facility US$ 33,000 /year. (3 meals a day, free medical, constant super vision)
  • Elderly Care was cut back to US $ 8,000 / year and that to with fewer people can qualify now. (Extra for meals and medical no supervision)
  • Average cost to give quality education to children under 14 US $ 7000 / year and no one seems to afford it. (Government seems to be happy to pay US $ 33,000 / year for a long period of time for these kids when they grow up to be uneducated/unemployed and now turned violent criminals)
  • Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers are well protected. Resulting in a gross apathy towards providing genuine service. In simple words, these people can get away with any slackness.
The list is extensive and very sad. However, I hope you get the gist of it. The point is, US of A has, in my view, reached a saturation point. They have overdone everything. On every front, on every count. They have such a clever mass media mechanism to brain wash and fool the world. However, not any more. The truth will surface, soon enough and this ‘great’ nation will have to pay for its mistakes. It is law of Karma. What goes around comes around.
One country that has used Nuclear Weapon, One country that has highest record of attacking other countries, one country that has highest per capita waste/over consumption …. USA. Country of the most fat people, in the world.
I can only pray and hope that there is a resolution to this. Soon. Peace to all.




Time to Wake Up

What is it that I want to teach through these pages?

More importantly what is it that you want to learn through these pages?

Most importantly is there anyone who is reading these pages?

When the questions above are answered, I guess I will have a job or not.

No matter how much I project myself as a philosopher, thinker, speaker and writer, the fact still remains, that no one is interested in reading what I write or think.

So be it. Do I really need recognition?

Answer is no. I am what I am and I will be whatever I will be. It is true for all those who follow this humble attempt of bringing some relief in this mad world.

Comical I am in my writing, at the best, and yet I do enjoy a small fan following. My attempt is nothing great. Not at all to change the world. Intentions are pretty clear. Through what I write, I wish to reflect what churns in my mind.

I am a simple man. Simplicity is hard to find in our new world that for some reason has become too complex for my comforts. At times I feel lost. Not exactly in sense of missing the direction however you can say it in terms of missing the point.

I am working on getting the graphics made that would illustrate my idea of Universe. It is a simple piece of graphics. Maybe, if I spend time on it, I will be able to do it. However, it has not happened yet. It will happen soon. I know that.

What I wish to write today is nothing more than a reminder of the all the blabbering I have done so far. You are the centre of your Universe. The Universe that you see or experience around you is your own creation. You are not the receptor. You are the radiator. You radiate the world around you. Everything originates from you.

So in order to feel good, you better start radiating good thoughts. This is not about some cliché positive thinking new age process. It is about reality.

I saw this becoming a modern day fashion statement. ‘Positivity’ is over used word now a day. So much so that it has started having negative connotation. They say, too much of anything is bad. Quote me on this; too much of good is bad too.

Let’s cut the crap and get real. It is time you and I take control of our world. If you are not interested, be my guest. If you are interested, follow your own path.

Don’t walk ahead of me as I may nor follow you. Don’t walk behind me as I may not lead. Don’t walk with me either, go find your own path and walk your own journey. I can only guide you. Walk you must. I cannot walk for you.

Do yourself a favour. Write down, I mean take a piece of paper and pen, write it down, seriously, no kidding. Write down what do you want. Do it. Stop reading this. Write that down now. Let me make it even simpler for you. Write down ONE thing. Just one simple thing.

You can’t even get that right. What is wrong with you? What is wrong with all of us? We can’t get one simple thing right.

THIS is exactly what bothers me and frustrates me over and again. We have lost the clarity of our own self. We no longer know who we are. What we are and what do we really want. I am not asking complex question why we want what we want. I am just asking what we want. We don’t even know that.

It does not matter how silly the answer is. There is no right or wrong answer. The important aspect to be noticed is that there is an answer. In absence of an answer, the question will remain. In fact if you can’t find an answer, I say we are seriously disconnected. We are like just roaming souls on this planet. Splintered from the source, we are just fragments of the DIVINE energy.

Energy that Generates, Operates and Destroys all the things in this Universe. Energy that we have given acronym GOD. You may be Atheist, Buddhist, Chemist, Pharmacist, Lyricist, Leftist … who cares. Your existence is not without this energy.

Stop cribbing and start listening to your own voice. Not the noises of your mind. I mean to the sweet melody that plays in your heart. The melodies that will make you dance. Dance that tune and find the freedom.

Enjoy playing the game. Stop worrying about the result. The result is momentary. Today you may win, tomorrow you may not. However, so long as you keep playing the game, the joy will always be in playing. Not in winning or losing. Go play your game and be free. Stop worrying about being best. Be yourself. It’s time to wake up. NOW.


Time to Wake Up

Time to Wake Up!!

Is it your call or mine?

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