Why are we here? Who are we? Well don’t expect a detailed answer to such questions from us. Its not because we are arrogant enough to acknowledge your queries, its because we are not too net savvy too Lazy to move ourself.

The site, you are currently on, is a brain work of few real world geek Souyma, Hemant, Anurag (we indeed are geeks and need to learn a lot…).

If we are harsh in our postings at times, please excuse us for that. As our social scientist Aminur Rashid puts in his very own words:

Internet should be used JUSTLY!!!!

People should be able to differentiate between Virtual life and Real life.

A recent study by BBC (our own propaganda) suggested that KIDS were using internet more and more which hampered their intellectual and social growth.

So guys leave the computers for some time and take a walk down the street or the aisle in your office, talk to real people, interact will real persons, exchange ideas with real people. Cause in reality what you see is what you should believe.

Do not take the internet too seriously cause it will effect you and only you and nobody else. And mental trauma is more grave and dangerous than a physical wound.

In reality there is nothing like e-IZZAT or e-Badnami as far as things remain on the net which in all probability they do.

Use Internet for fun, and forget it afterwards. (or for research and still forget it afterwords )

Okay enough!!!!!

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