Truth seekers conversation Part Deux

Two souls GuppyDas and GhantaRam,  seeking eternal truth. A short conversation Part Deux.

GhantaRam : ET should come up with this kind of theme.

GuppyDas : Interesting for writers actually. Not bloggers but serious writers like stories or novels etc.

GhantaRam : hmm or like irregular bloggers like me 😛

GuppyDas : For you coffedesk is best. 😉

GhantaRam : thats not good I feel. BOLD is good but I need some kind of push

GuppyDas : How many pushes you want? Life can take only certain amounts of pushes. You have a wife a kid a job a life … and me. What more push you need. Ya will break dude. Take it easy. Boredom is not healthy.
Nor is over busy.

GhantaRam : well.. I am not able to connect the dots

GuppyDas : First of all be clear what are the dots. Stay on them. Stop running around chasing things that you think are dots. Next all will simple. Once you know what the dots are, connecting them is not a problem. So first finalise and confirm what constitutes as dots in your life.

GhantaRam : That’s question, what the dots are?

GuppyDas : Thats for you to find out. Unlike me you can’t have a dotless life.

GhantaRam : May be I am missing to see the dots and imagining what I see is a dot

GuppyDas : That can take the discussion in a different direction. Are you ‘missing’ it or are you choosing ‘not to see’ ?

GhantaRam :  choosing ‘not to see’ is pretending

GuppyDas : Ok got the name the theme is called ‘Simplism’ … rhymes with Bloggism 😉 … chalo ji 36 gun mil gaye shaadi pakki.

GhantaRam : and missing is already pretended as ‘not seen’ hahahaha

GuppyDas : It is not pretending we are talking about. It is chosing not to see. Pretending is done by fools. Acting, believing, assuming and being sure about something that is not. Where as the intelligent make choices.

GhantaRam : Choices are always there, but fools pretend by not making choices in life

GuppyDas : Nope. You are getting it little differently. Fools don’t know they have choices. Hence they pretend. Since they don’t know there are choices, they are qualified as fools.

GhantaRam : So the difference is knowing but what is this Knowing but not acting?



GuppyDas : Did you ever burn yourself drinking or touching a hot cup of tea (or something)?

GhantaRam : by mistake, few times

GuppyDas : If you did, you know what it is to get burned … now next time you have hot cup of something, you also have knowledge on what to do. Here you have choices. Either burn yourself again or be patient and take your time to tackle it. If you ignore the knowledge or even knowing that it is hot cup, you don’t exercise the act of choosing, and then you are not pretending, you simply being foolish. Knowledge alone does not make you intelligent. It is the choices you make, based upon knowledge that differs one from being intelligent or fool.

GuppyDas : However in the same example if you repeat the event more often, you are being careless/reckless/impatient and of course foolish depending on applicable situation. Tiffin time. I will be back around 1.30. Talk to you later.

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