Who Let the Blog Out!!

We are sorry that we are late in this, but BLOGGISM™ salute Govind Tiwari ji Allahabad wale (Govind Tiwari of Allahabad) for providing us such a unique blogging Experience.

Next time I would be in Uttam Pradesh of this Purushottam, I would go to Allahabad and dip three times in Triveni and then go to his home to touch his feet and get blessed. He has taken BLOGGISTS™ to a new height.

Potential is the soil of Allahabad, after giving leader like Nehru, celebrity like Amitabh, Sportsman like Mohd. Kaif, poet like Bachan and Mafia like Atiq Ahmed, it again surprised us in form of its latest and greatest son Govind Tiwari.

When our Social scientist Mr. Guppydas saw his blog, he was like $%#$%…. “Holly craps he looks like the male artists who do female roles in typical Nautanki…. BHAAAANDDDDDDDD”

Its his charishma that he had to create atleast 11 blogs on to know the world how much great Blogger he is.

He proves that you don’t need to write a single word in your blog to be famous, what you need is just few snaps clicked in some studio with some different background, then have a PC/Laptop along with a pirated version of Photoshop and an internet connection. And you can become Internet sensation something sort of Mark Zuckerberg.

Adding to his greatness photobucket where he hosted his creative images exceeded bandwidth due to hits on his blogs. Now Photobucket are planning to have a dedicated server for him and working on some sort of algorithm which will categorise the images and those will match with Govind Tiwari Category will be hosted on dedicated server.

We tried to contact Govind Tiwari, but he was busy with some photographs editing on his computer but he left a signed message for aspiring BLOGGISTS on a print of his photograph where Obama is watching him on TV, “Yes, We Can”.

“Prembhushan ji ko shat shat naman……………………………………………..”  😀

Yes You Can

Yes You Can!

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