Endangered Species

In a recent leak, Wikileaks its exposed in a cable sent from US envoy in UN that few so called humanitarians demanded UN to declare North America as sanctuary for like minded people today which is very auspicious day for USA.

Goose birds from North America have supported it.  Gooses got a serious threat of existence when people started killing them when get frustrated saying “Talk to me, goose!” after watching Topgun.

Dogs from India have sympathy with Goose on this issue and have said they would like to see similar things to be happen in India as well. Notably dogs in India are living in fear that someday Dharmendra or sunny or anyone from Dharemedra’s family may really drink their blood after Dharam’s famous Dialogue “Kutte, kamine main tera khoon pi jaaunga” – “You bastard dog, I will drink your blood.”

Back on the report, the cable clearly states that they have support from Russia, Iran, China ( they have not said anything about Pakistan but it’s obvious) and the one and only person who knows and understands Libya. India has not decided to support or not.

USA’s close allies USA jr, its sidekick Britain, old time bunny France and their cook Italy have joined together and said they will block any such move by UN. They have decided to organise Doom Or Unreal Tournament kind of game in Libeya along with Flight simulator tourney as well.

Additionally a Wikileaks states from an undisclosed source that Afghanistan would welcome any move if United Nations propose any Zoo or theme Park for humans there or anywhere on the earth. Till this report written a highly complex survey disclosed that only 1411 are left in India, some 300 in China, 20 in Russia and no idea about America.

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