Precisely what you are :)

After literally worshipping you I have finally come to believe that you are something not worth it … after everyone telling me ‘jag ja….’ I was still sleeping. In plain terms you used me … you used every bit of me … I am still confused who really did the manipulation…was it me? or wait, could be you too…

I always told that you never did anything bad to me …. but you proved every one right today. No you didn’t talk about me in public, not because it’s your personal matter but you didn’t have balls to accept that. Or maybe, you never did and the hypocrite that you are could not obviously let people know the truth behind that rag of a mask that you wear!!! And you know what, Hypocrisy and Lies are the biggest sins.

You asked me to fix my attitude, dude my attitude, my personality and my ideology is far better than yours. I at least have an ideology and I also have the courage and the balls to defend it. I not only write blogs and worry about global politics… today I am here to work for it … and where I am today and where I will reach you can only think of it, while writing your grammatically incorrect blogs. For you neither have an actual ideology but I think you are also too much of a coward to actually do something about it!

You said I do a drama in public, c’mon man you don’t know what tamasha is … so let me show you …

I am not under your DURESS

So let me just clear out to you that what exactly you are ….

You are nothing but a man so insecure that he cannot accept what is real in his life; you are man who has a split personality. A man so underachieved in his real life that he has to show it off on the internet… why should I even call you a man… you don’t even have the spine to be one.

(btw …. You all will get to hear this word ‘internet’ a lot since he has no character beyond it)

I don’t know what I thought that I believed you can do something big… no you cannot … when you cannot stand for the woman you claim you love …. I cannot certainly expect you to sprout balls one fine day and stand for your country…. Literally “battein hai sab saali battein hai”.

By writing articles on some blogs don’t think you are some revolutionary who is changing the world….and anyway i do most of your writing, so what the hell are you living for… you are basically a rat the one who will run first when the ship starts to sink.

Hollow, pretentious, mentally stunted, one who does not have an ideology but claims to have one to show off,  a person who thinks he is smart enough to fool and use everyone but forgets that he has stooped down to the lowest level possible. One who cannot value sentiments and over react on teenage stuff is not the one whom I will relate myself with.

You cannot even dream of doing something big … if that was the case you wouldn’t have waited for my motivation. Your future is dependent on my fixed behavior, displays how serious you are… c’mon when you don’t even want to write your own motivation letter then you can’t really do anything.

You always thought I am there for your … poor girl; in love with me… will do anything for me. You know, you were able to say anything to me because I was ready to listen, not anymore… I have the courage the ability to dump you, show you your face and walk out. It was not you who was being kind to me but it was me who was being kind enough to do your bidding…to listen to you and love you but you for all that you are and for that I have done, are too arrogant an ass for gratefulness.

I walk out … of you, your messed up life, your pathetic blogs which would do nothing for you, forget about your country. You know why, because the one thing that a man needs is sincerity and I think you do not even know the word…you are not sincere in your relationships or about anything that you claim to want to do…and without that one word, my love, you are as useless as a fat, over sized squirrel.

In plain terms just sit, type and think you are wonderful….for who am I to wake you up from your beauty sleep? And if that helps you in life, I think it will only be in the matrimonial column.

This is dedicated to Mr. Tanzeel Ahmad

With love

A manipulative bitch.

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