Sim sim, Abrakadabra and DNA signature

Yet again, Google starts, others will follow 🙂

Above was the caption of the link which one  my dear friend posted Facebook.

In short- Its a new security feature provided by Google. If you use this feature then once you try to login with your google credentials to Gmail, it will take you to the next stage of verification. In this some Google dude will call you on your registered phone number and give you a PIN number which you need to provide on the screen, you can save it for 30 days. Other option is that Google will send you the SMS on your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device. Voila and your mail is secure. 🙂

Now One may imagine, if he or she has enabled this service and to do some adventure or philanthropy  one goes to a different country like from Bangalore to Burkina Faso where his Mobile service has no roaming and access the mail from a cybercafe.

Anyway leave it, here BLOGGISM™ think tank thought of several other valuable options for Google as better alternative. We are still in thought process to get more innovative ideas for Google.

Few are –

1) Biometric security – Matching fingerprints, reading color of eye and retina
2) having Webcam installed to match the face of the person
3) DNA signature
4) the best option – Open a Kios service globally to check the identity in personal and then deliver person his latest PIN in a sealed envelope, which would be self destroyed in 5 seconds of opening the envelope.

We tried Khul Ja Sim Sim and Abrakadabra as one of the options but our esteemed research Scientist Aminur Rashid claims – “Khul ja Sim sim was not fool proof” as Alibaba was able to break it.

meanwhile our Social activist Akif Khan came with a more better idea.. “Transport the render to the recipients place and allow them private conversation.”

We are still working on few more better alternative, meanwhile our Intellectual Property experts Mahish Bissa and Soumya are working on to get patent of these ideas. And Our Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Guppydas is in continuous discussion with Google.

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