Gone are the days when thinkers and philosophers spent their life times in a library smeared in books till their head. Karl Marx spent twenty years of his life reading in one library, Osho read all 15,000 books available in the library of his hometown … after sheer hard word it was that these people were called philosophers, theorist … but since this is the instant food age you are not supposed to do that no 8 hours needed to cook the nihari but the frozen one ready in 8 minutes.

It’s the age where everyone is a philosopher and theorist and commentator and political thinker… why?  because everyone has a blog … everyone has an opinion so what big deal everyone has an asshole too. So what if my opinions are based on some third hand evidence of biased media, online newspapers and the talk show I watched on the manohar kahaniyon wala news channel… it is an opinion … it’s my hard research work…

I need not even step out of my house ohk…Even my room … I need not refer to the statistics or make a REAL study…. Field work is totally out of question (ohk if it makes you feel better I did use the google maps and is it as real and Reality) I have the CNN Effect, I have BBC on my cable, I have Guardian on my webpage …. I can think now and I can write now…..

So let’s start…. US policies are farce, Obama is fraud, Palestinians are dying , Jews are traitors, Darfur & Kosovo do not exist, Is Indonesia really a muslim state ?, Kashmiris are fighting for freedom (yeap…self financed combatants) , India is cruel (get a life), Pakistan is a failed state (wait wait… you might be right here … 😛 😛 NOOOO then what about Zardari… ohk let’s give him a chance)….

I ran out of the topics I have read …. *panting like a dog*

So my intellectual bloggers let this space be for your creativity … not an op-ed coloumn because the majority of the things you read and ponder upon and pass a judgment upon are not even 40% real …? Did you know that? No, before Wikileaks proved it… did you know about it? NEIN Mann …. Facebooks now sounds more real….

Wait a minute …. Or are you actually expecting a Nobel for the “best blog writing” …. Naah they actually believe in Real things (Obama being the only exception)

Keep writing one day everyone who matters in the world will definitely read your blog and change the world…. 🙂  🙂

*Hope Floats*

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