Truth seekers conversation

Thinking more

Thinking more

I know everyone is Geek here, and nobody needs any extra knowledge but sharing just for sake.

GUPPYDAS: From my experience, I am saying this.
I used to be like you. Ardent reader, full of enthusiasm. Etc etc … I completely appreciate that
It is needed.
However, one thing I learnt, this energy amongst all the young people goes waste.
100% waste


GUPPYDAS: My suggestion to you, I had said this earlier, read and read more. However, without concerning with what others have to say or react, just put something in action. Be it a blog or a daily thing you do.
Transform this energy in action
Else all will remain intellectualized in the heads. Lost amidst those grey cells … to be recycled in the end

GHANTARAM: yeah, but some how I loose that enthusiasm in end,
I need something to put the idea along with me

GUPPYDAS: You see … expecting a result is what breaks the enthu..

GHANTARAM: when I sit to write, I find words are vanishing

GUPPYDAS: Do it for Fun of it.
Does not matter my friend, does not matter.
Write it, throw it away


GUPPYDAS: No need to worry about who is going to read it and all that.
I used to fall trap to that.
Trying to write with an objective … enthu dies in seconds
Mind wavers out … start browsing … go to look at babes in bikini etc.


GUPPYDAS: Really, thats how the mind rebels. Your sub conscious is far too more powerful then you estimate

GHANTARAM: can’t mind get bore by watching babes in bikini

GUPPYDAS: One of the reason why I stopped writing on itimes. I was getting applause and criticism. I was getting readers and .. everytime I wanted to write something, it was driven this idea of pleasing the crouds … kills the original spirit.
Babes in bikinis are not for mind idiot

GHANTARAM: yeah but bloody minds comes everywhere
isn’t it?

GUPPYDAS: That’s the problem. It’s not really mind. Its your sub conscious
Putting forward the leash of society to tie the ‘animal’ in you.
All the fears, conditioning ethics etc .. your sub conscious throws at you. It has access to every conceivable information of the past.

GHANTARAM: So basically everything is the dream we are living for

GUPPYDAS: It has the connection to that super memory which we are suffering. Its playing the program of the matrix

GHANTARAM: A dream, the sub conscious is weaving…
Yes Program of the Matrix
that what was in my thought, but did not want to use that here

GUPPYDAS: A real dream is felt by heart, what sub conscious creates is a diversion

GHANTARAM: so sub conscious is behind everything
every stupidity is from sub conscious

GUPPYDAS: to say it correctly … is responsible for most of it.

GHANTARAM: So how to “Free one’s Mind”

GUPPYDAS: There are experiments conducted … the thing that you think has come as a matter of choice, actually originated in sub conscious just before that …
Now if I knew THAT … I won’t be talking to you. However Osho and many others will agree to one thing … to free your mind, Meditate.

GHANTARAM: So basically you are saying that everything has a consequence which was originated from some cell in a corner of conscious mind

GUPPYDAS: sub conscious mind.


GUPPYDAS: Conscious mind knows nothing

GHANTARAM: So Conscious mind is just like a hard disk or storage device
all data is only being stored there

GUPPYDAS: more like RAM
Data gets thrown in and thrown out.

GHANTARAM: and all operation is being done by Sub Conscious mind

GUPPYDAS: the actual storage is non personal, outside every individual. It’s the Matrix that stores the data.
Sub conscious has access/connection with Matrix and gets program from the ‘Memory’ and executes it, throws the result to RAM (conscious) and we take it as a experience.
Conscious mind has more affinity with heart … in the moment.
Once again, heart is symbolic.
IMHO heart is the channel through which your soul speaks.

GHANTARAM: ok, so soul has any idea of this matrix?

Soul is free from Matrix

GHANTARAM: so u mean to say this body is part of the matrix

GUPPYDAS: Once again, to say it correctly … body is what the Matrix wants you to believe in

GHANTARAM: this is an outsider system
the body

GUPPYDAS: Nope they co – exist
Like the Sides of the force.
Jedis and Siths
There is nothing different …

GHANTARAM: yin and yang

Ahm Astu … I am
You see when more you can feel this … I Am … Love Is … you will feel the freedom.


GUPPYDAS: We need to drop the adjectives, the definitions and labels we add to everything.

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