Sri Satya Narayan Bhagwan ki Katha

Story of Lord Satya Narayan

Before telling about the Sri Satya Narayan Bhagwan’s story, let me tell you one interesting story related to it.

In our side when anything is getting delayed due to some repeating task, people say in Bhojpuri “Satya Narayan Bhagwan ke katha banawale baada kaa” (Have you made it story of Lord Sata Narayan.). This is due to a real incident which happened in a village “Reotipur” of Ghazipur District, coincidently Reotipur is the second largest village in Asia in population, the largest one is also in Ghazipur only.

So when the prist started the story of Lord Satyanarayan in house of his one Yajman (devotee). He hardly reached at chapter two then one more person came and said “Pundit jee, humara khaatir phir se shuru kari” (Please, start it again for me). and this chain was happening till the evening.

And now here is the story…

The Most famous Story

Once Naradji went to the Lord to ask Him for a panacea for the miseries of the world. Sri Satyanarayan told Naradji that there is a fast which can be performed by anyone. The fast would result in the fulfillment of his desires and also liberation from the cycle of birth and death. He told several stories about Satyanarayan Katha.

1) Sri Narayana told Naradji how a poor, old and ailing Brahmin as well as an impoverished woodcutter, had all their wishes fulfilled, became prosperous, and ultimately attained salvation by the correct and devotional performance of the Sri Satyanarayan fast and puja.

2) The second story consists of a childless merchant who asked a king the correct procedure of the Satyanarayan fast. This story is roller coaster ride of story telling. Sadhu the merchant make a wish that if he and his wife get a child they will keep fast and do Satyanarayan Puja. By grace of Lord Satyanarayan they got a daughter named Kalavati. Satyanarayan Puja is still due for Sadhu which he postpones it till the wedding of Kalavati. Even after her wedding he does not do so. Then Lord decided to remind Sadhu what he has promised.

Sadhu and his son in law are arrested in a city where they go for business as they are taken as two thieves. Sadhu’s wife and her daughter both lost everything and have to feed themselves as beggar. While begging and trying to get some food Kalavati saw a Satyanarayan puja being performed and told her mother about it. Lilavati remembered that she had not performed the promised puja and hence she was facing all these difficulties. She decided to perform the fast and the Puja. The king was informed in a dream, that the merchants were innocent so he released them after compensating them with a lot of wealth.

I am not telling this story in full.. but Sadhu as it is forgets to do the Satyanarayan fast and puja and keep facing the music of not doing so… untill he does the fast and Puja. and every thing is fine in the end of this story…

3) Once, as King Angadwaja was returning from a hunting expedition, he stopped to rest under a tree for a while. Nearby a small group of cowherd boys were playing the game of doing puja. They offered their humble parsad to the king, who out of pride left it untouched. Subsequently the king suffered great losses and realised that that was due to the contempt he had shown for those children’s puja. The king returned to the spot where he had met the cowherds, and with great faith performed the puja with them. The king regained all that he had lost.

All those who have followed this story and fast, and also those who read at least part of this message with reverence, have all their wishes fulfilled and meet up in Satyaloka (Heaven) as is the promise, assured by the Satyanarayan katha. 🙂

It is told that the Satyanarayan fast was very effective during Kaliyuga (Age of Machines) and that whoever read or heard this story would be rid of all sorrows and difficulties.

Post Script

Any way this Katha and fast is too much popular in Northern India that I guess every six month every devotee listen it 12 times and in that two times in his home while fasting.

Even I have heard it several times due to my Grand mother’s pressure. but I never understood why people listen the same story again and again with so much interest. I never found this story of Lord Satya Narayan, but story of a merchant who did not listen Lord Satya Narayan story and then listened it.

I asked my priest that where is now story of Lord Satya Narayan, he said this is the only story. I replied, how it can be.. it was story Of Sadhu the Merchant. You never told us story of Lord Satya Narayan. He declared me Nastik (Non Believer) and said I argue too much.

In fact, that priest and others also don’t even know what’s the true story of Lord Satya Narayan. Long ago someone wrote this story as story teller and it became so much popular in Northern India, like Tulsi Das’s “Shri Ram Charit Manas” took the place of original “Ramayana” and most of us take that book as the most holy book even holier than Gita.

But its true that this religious story like all other religious stories fails on argument.

Now, as it’s declared that this story will be rid of all sorrows and difficulties, I never found anyone became happy or rich or even a single issue of that person is solved after hearing this story.

I am still searching for the Truth to get Nirvana and meet up with Lord Satya Narayan in Satyaloka (Heaven) as is the promise.

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