What is BLOGGISM™? Version 1.0.1

BLOGGISM™ is a new religious movement that has been created from the impacts of Blogs in our daily life. It might sound silly to base a religion on a modern www concept but it goes deeper than that. If a person takes the time to read the whole (Here I want to say allmost all the blogs which we go through) of the Blogs website it starts to make sense.

Blog is the first basic thing of BLOGGISM™. A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. (Thanks a lot to Wikipedia for giving exact definition, otherwise I was thinking from what hell this Blog term came.)

There are several different kinds of Blog, We can read about them on Wikipedia. (Click on the link if you are really interested to read.)

And in case wikipedia has not included some kind of Blogs, I will introduce it here and anyone can edit Wikipedia to introduce these new categories of Blogs in Wikipedia to serve humanity.

Next comes Blogger. Blogger is that great or poor and/or stupid person who writes/maintain blogs. Like Blogs there are several kind of Bloggers, whom I would like to mention here.

First major kind of Bloggers are those poor entities who write some serious kind of blogs and think that they are going to change the World and thinking of the people by this. They write on Politics, sports, Social issues. They bring tears in the eyes of readers. Most of time they write such a long Blog articles that people feel sleepy while reading the Blog (Atleast I do).

Next are those bloggers like me who have no ideas what they are writing and even that anyone would read their blog or not. They write blog either they have nothing to do in their life or(and) they think they should also write Blog because now a days every second person is writing a blog. We can call them Nonsense/insane Bloggers.

Now are the celebrity bloggers the ‘Page3’ and sometimes ‘Page1’ people. At first place they are not bloggers. They hire other unknown/known Bloggers/writers to write the blog on their name. Remember famous American proverb of 60s- ‘If you can’t make it then fake it’.

In last few days I have seen a new breed of Bloggers, who writes Testimonial Blogs for their friends whom they never met in their real life and infact they don’t know what the real life is. These are those great souls for whom Internet and WWW is everything. They eat, sleep, drink and talk only Internet and various online communities. They even love on internet and make Love here only. I love these people very much. Infact I am fan of these serious kind of People. They have taken Blogging to a new height. ‘Where Sun can’t reach and shine there Bloggers can.’ I bow to these bloggers. For these kind of Bloggers I coin a new term BLOGGISTS. BLOGGISTS are the only true followers of BLOGGISM™.

Here I proclaim that the whole idea and philosophy of BLOGGISM™ is given by me. BLOGGISM™ has nothing to do with As I said in the first Paragraph of this Blog that BLOGGISM™ is a separate religious Movement, which is being followed by BLOGGERs and BLOGGISTs in their BLOGs. So I have put Trade Mark Symbol (™) here. This ™ idea I got from a very good friend of mine, who uses this symbol everywhere in this Real Virtual World. So BLOGGISM™ is copyrighted, but anyone can use it freely. Free as in Freedom and as in Free Beer Also. I owe to him but not going to pay a single penny.

Now I am in Writer’s block, so I am stopping here. Whenever I will be back from this to normal, I will write more on BLOGGISM™ and BLOGGISTS.

May be one day Wikipedia (which is the Second best thing after GOOGLE on Internet, even GOOGLE proclaims it by spamming every 2nd or 3rd or 4th etc.. but in top 10 links from Wikipedia in 99.99% case.s) includes an article on BLOGGISM™ and me.


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