Every Blog has it’s day

Well there is a secret behind it that‘s why did I not start the topic with the name like ‘Every dog has it’s day’. No, I am not talking in scenario of my very good friend Adeel Masood, who recently (almost 2 months back a new profile at a very popular social network with the name of ‘Lone Dog’ after getting pissed off with one or some great real time Geek/s.

I am not even talking about the puppy of popular Hutch ad, which is now searching for that person who changed his home from Hutch to Vodafone.Why Red, why not Pink? Might be he was happy with his old master. But who cares of a dog’s feeling. A dog is dog at end of day.

Ladies and Gentleman, I was talking about Blog. So leave the Dogs. BLOGGISM™ did a recent study and found that everyone must start blogging. Sooner or later your blog (or say you) will be recognized by the masses. And who knows when you will be nominated for the next Nobel for your services to Literature, or Booker (for your service to Great English Language through your Blog).

Even you don’t get any award, you did not loose anything. You did your Karma you wrote Blog. Like as Gita says “You are only liable to do your Karma, not in the result of that”. So Don’t worry if people just Blog away!

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